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Southern Ketamine and Wellness is leading the way for new and innovative ketamine infusion therapy in Birmingham,  or Auburn, AL, for mood and pain disorders, as well as Spravato (esketamine) for treatment-resistant depression.

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Ketamine Infusions Give New Hope To Those With Treatment-Resistant Conditions

Southern Ketamine & Wellness offers a place where those suffering from debilitating mental and physical pain can come to relax, recharge, and receive treatment that will ultimately bring them the relief they deserve. Our founder, Dr. Harrison Irons, has extensive training and expertise in ketamine and pain management. Dr. Irons’ greatest aim is to use his knowledge and background to help patients, in conjunction with psychotherapists and pain management physicians, to reclaim the fullness of life at Southern Ketamine & Wellness.

Many Experts Say Ketamine is The Biggest Breakthrough for Depression in More Than 50 Years


Ketamine Infusions for Mood Disorders & Chronic Pain


Ketamine Infusions for Mood Disorders & Substance Abuse

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Ketamine for Chronic Pain Conditions

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You can be one step closer to finding the relief you are looking for. Dealing with the symptoms of depression, PTSD, OCD, anxiety, and chronic pain can be hard. Starting today, it doesn’t have to be. Request more information and learn if ketamine treatment is right for you.  The information and consultation are free. There is hope. We can help.

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