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Your safety & comfort are our highest priority.

Southern Ketamine & Wellness offers a place where those suffering from debilitating mental and physical pain can come to relax, recharge, and receive treatment that will ultimately bring them the relief they deserve.
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Get To Know Our team

Dr. Harrison Irons, our founder, has extensive training and expertise in ketamine and pain management.

Dr. Irons’ greatest aim is to use his knowledge and background to help patients, in conjunction with psychotherapists and pain management physicians, to reclaim the fullness of life at Southern Ketamine & Wellness.


Dr. Harrison Irons, M.D.

Dr. Irons is a double board-certified anesthesiologist and pain management physician. Working as a pain physician, he has experienced the difficulties that can come with treating chronic pain with a limited toolbox.

However, he has also seen firsthand the positive response that many patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Complex Migraines are having with low dose ketamine infusions. As an anesthesiologist, he is well-versed in the anesthetic properties of ketamine but has also learned further about the treatment for mental health issues as well.

Working at the VA hospital caring for veterans in the surgical ICU and operating room, only increased his interest in ketamine infusions for treating those with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. He is most excited for the potential of Southern Ketamine & Wellness to provide patients with the relief they’ve been seeking and deserve to experience.

Dr. Harrison irons
John runyans

John Runyans, CRNA

John Runyans has been practicing anesthesia as a Nurse Anesthetist for over 10 years in various outpatient and hospital settings. Throughout his career, he has used ketamine extensively for surgical anesthetics.

Seeing the usefulness of ketamine for patients undergoing anesthesia has increased his interest in ketamine infusions and the positive outcomes that it can provide to certain patient populations.

He is a member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists and Providers and is particularly excited to bring this medication to those suffering from mental health issues at Southern Ketamine & Wellness.

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