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What Can I Take For Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is mysterious and often lasts for years. If you experience its symptoms but ignore them because you’re “tough” or think they’re just in your head, you’re doing yourself a grave injustice. Talk to…

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Help for anxiety in birmingham

8 best foods for anxiety

When we’re sad or depressed, we sometimes try and soothe uncomfortable feelings with food – and not always healthy food, either. If you’re suffering from mood swings and other symptoms of anxiety, following a healthy…

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Hwhat effect does ketamine have on the human brain?

How Ketamine Works in the Brain

Ketamine is widely used as an anesthetic medication and for treating some symptoms of PTSD, OCD, migraines, chronic pain, suicidality, and depression. Many medics consider ketamine as a breakthrough in the medical field because it…

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